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Dianova Network

Dianova is an international NGO composed of third sector foundations and associations operating on 4 continents. The Dianova Network contributes to the development of people, communities and organizations through different programmes and interventions in the social, health and humanitarian fields.

Dianova International has Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), it is a registered civil society organization to the Organization of American States (OAS) and an official partner of UNESCO

Our members are nonprofit, independent organizations dedicated to developing innovative initiatives and programs in the fields of addiction treatment and prevention, education, youth and, social and community development.

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Dianova International
Dianova Chile  
Dianova Spain
Dianova Italy
Dianova Nicaragua
Dianova Portugal
Dianova Uruguay
Društvo Up Slovenia
SPYM India
Ray of Hope Pakistan
Slum Child Foundation Kenya
AJEAH – Togo
CEPA – Romania Dianova USA Inc.
FAPE – Congo (DRC) GRADH – Togo
IZSATU – Turkey
KKAWF – PakistanKothowain – Bangladesh
RIO – Norway


Dianova Chile

drug addiction treatment centre chile

Dianova Chile is dedicated to support people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse or addiction, through its prevention, rehabilitation, and social integration programmes.
The Dianova staff comprises multidisciplinary teams of professionals, technicians, and people who have been through the recovery and rehabilitation process. For more information, please visit

Dianova Italy

addiction treatment centre italy

Dianova Italy is a socially engaged non-profit organization (ONLUS) that conducts programmes and projects in the areas of addiction prevention and treatment, education, and social and community development. For more information, please visit

Dianova Nicaragua

The Dianova Foundation in Nicaragua develops social action and cooperative development projects directed at poor, at-risk youth through programmes for education, addiction prevention and community development.
To accomplish its mission, the Foundation uses the Esther del Río-Las Marías Educational Centre, affiliated since 2010 with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network. In addition, the Foundation operates the Europeo Hotel in Managua whose proceeds are used to finance social projects. For more information, please visit

Dianova Portugal

addiction treatment centre Portugal

Founded in 1984, the Association Dianova Portugal has since been specializing in addiction treatment, prevention and reintegration, social and community development, psychosocial support and counseling, and training activities for individuals and organizations.
The activities developed by Dianova Portugal consist of: addiction treatment and reintegration services (therapeutic community and integration enterprise specializing in floriculture), training services in accredited centre, and psychological support services. For more information, please visit Dianova Portugal.

Dianova Spain

addiction treatment centre Spain

Dianova Spain operates a network of four centers offering educational and therapeutic programmes for adults with substance abuse problems and adolescents with behavioral disorders.
Dianova also conducts a street education and experimental education program, as well as programmes for families. For more information, please see

Dianova USA

addiction treatment center abroad

Dianova USA is a non-profit organization with status 501 (c) 3, whose main activities, in collaboration with Dianova International, focus on advocacy in areas such as addiction, empowerment of women, immigration and sustainable development. Dianova USA is also dedicated to raising funds to help develop the Dianova Network’s social projects.
Dianova delegation in New York
In 2014, Dianova USA and Dianova International signed a partnership agreement for the establishment of a delegation in New York city. Through this delegation, our representatives have been able to attend United Nations’ and the Organization of American States‘ meetings, have a more active and visible role in various NGO committees and reinforce our advocacy capacity in the Americas. In addition, the New York delegation is dedicated to raising funds for the projects developed by the Dianova Network.
In September 2015, after the signing of a collaboration agreement with the United Methodist Church, an office was put to Dianova’s disposal in New York city, within walking distance from the UN headquarters. One person was hired in order to develop the following activities in 2015:

· Participation in committees where we are represented: NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York (NGO CSW / NY) and the NGO Committee on Migration (NGO COM);
· Organization of a side event at the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) and publication of a written statement prior to the 60th session of the 60th session of the Commission;
· Participation in several meetings and debates for the preparation for the UNGASS 2016, Board of the CoNGO, Global Forum on health and development of women;

· Attendance to several meetings in Washington: CICAD (OAS) and interviews with representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB);

· Analysis on sponsorship and funding opportunities for projects or social programs developed by the Dianova network and preparation of a list of potential philanthropic institutions.

Dianova Uruguay

drug addiction treatment centre uruguay

The Dianova Foundation in Uruguay is a non-profit organization that develops social and educational programmes to benefit people addicted to alcohol or other drugs and their families.
The Dianova programmes are based on integrated care that allows it to respond to the needs and expectations of its users and their families. The programmes are carried out in the Casa Melilla residential centre and in the Rondeau outpatient centre (Montevideo). For more information, please see