Dianova started its activities in Sweden in 1997, when an office was opened at Ringvägen in Stockholm. In the Spring of 1999 the activities in Stockholm were moved to its present address at Katarina Bangata 70.

Twenty-first century

Poly drug abuse increases heavily, at the same time as the perception of drug abuse is developed and the term dependency is becoming more common. There are also more referrals to the addicts behaviour than to the substances they use, where also alcohol and tobacco is included. In the process of modernization the organization constantly adapts its supply of services to the new trends that take form.

 In December 2002 the first forum for exchange “Best practice” within addiction treatment is organized. Representatives from14 member organizations were present: these were the first steps within the Dianova network.

 In 2003 Dianova Sweden broadened its activities as an office on Sevedsplan in Malmö was opened, in order to accept admissions and improve the networking activities.


Focus within the organization is to improve and broaden programs and activities that lead to personal development. We continue to work with prevention concerning alcohol and drugs, treatment of addiction problems, having a strong commitment for education and activities that promote personal development for youth at risk, activities and help for the homeless as well as reception for people in need.