Why choose Dianova’s addiction treatment

Dianova offers a unique care program for treatment addiction. The addiction treatment program consists of several phases. From the important moment when the client decides to stop with drugs and applies for admission, through the different phases of the rehabilitation process and until the person is reintegrated into society. The treatment takes place abroad, outside of Sweden This facilitates the removal of the old addiction environment for the client, which is key in order to remain drug free.

Choosing the Quinta das Lapas Addiction Rehab Centre in Portugal, for instance, means a treatment to drug, alcohol and other addictive behaviours that work, privacy in 10 hectares of exclusive, tranquil and inspiring countryside surroundings in a setting where clients escape from chaotic lifestyles and can really focus on their recovery, 30 years of experience and expertise and over 5.000 patients treated, recognized by health authorities, experts and scientific community, full-time professional team, 100% client satisfaction rate, each client matters to us during and post treatment, we innovate.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the therapy and tools needed to ensure long-term sobriety, in exclusive surroundings with absolute privacy and discretion, through an intensive, personalized program that follows the cognitive-behavior therapy, provides medical treatment, psychiatric support and other complementary therapies.