Dianova’s activities in Sweden and Internationally

The Dianova’s activities are in constant progress. At the moment they consist of 4 main areas: Evaluation, Treatment, Education and Social Inclusion

Screening, assessment and derivation of clients to addiction treatment centres abroad.

- Addiction treatment facilities with therapeutic community concepts, which are involved in detoxication and treatment for adults with alcohol and/or drug addiction.
- Addiction Treatment, de-escalation and substitution treatment programs.
- Programs for abused women with children and addiction problems.
- Education and support programs for youth at risk (behavioral and school problems, cannabis abuse etc).
- Treatment facilities for unaccompanied refugee children.
- Motivational programs, preventions and other programs and activities.
- Education for street children.
- Programs for personal development for children and the youth.
- Facilities for social reintegration programs for vulnerable groups at risk, such as street children, abused women and homeless people.