Dianova Sweden a non-profit organization

Dianova Sweden is a non-profit association (ideell förening) headquartered in Stockholm that was registered in 2001 and works with health, social and humanitarian issues.

Dianova Sweden is a member of the Dianova International Network, operating in in 4 continents in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia offering healthcare and rehabilitation for people with substance use disorders and other social and humanitarian programs.

Our MIssion

Developing initiatives and programs with the objective of promoting personal self-reliance and social progress.

Our Vision

Our society must cope with many social challenges such as poverty, lack of education, violence and addictions. Dianova's purpose is based on the conviction that, with appropriate support, each person will be able to find within him/herself the resources necessary to achieve success in his/her personal development and social integration.

Our Values

Our ethical framework and common core values are grounded on:

- Commitment,

- Solidarity,

- Tolerance,

- Internationality.

These four values constitute the bedrock of Dianova's principles of action. In their specific applications these values translate into interventions dedicated to promote:

- At the individual level: mutual and self-help, self-reliance and the integration back in their communities.

- At the collective level: civic engagement to promote health and quality of life and contribute to the development of people and communities and the empowerment and revaluation of the human being as a key factor of a sustainable, balanced development in the fields of economics, social progress and the environment.