Dianova Addiction Treatment Center


A personalized care on a healing environment

Drug Rehab Center

For the client going through an addiction treatment at Dianova means coming to a structured and scheduled environment to start a drug rehab process. The method of Dianova for drug rehabilitation is to strengthen the client to develop in a life without addiction through environmental therapeutic work. The pedagogy of daily life runs like a theme throughout the therapeutic process, parts of the addiction treatment is directed towards CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and MI (motivational interviewing).

It is a question of learning how to function in a new social environment and to be able to handle everyday life without substance abuse. The staff consists of social workers, drug therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and monitors. On top of this there are also staff members with their own experience from abuse. The clients have individual treatment 2-4 times a month with a psychologist depending on the center, and take part in group treatment best of their ability since the language is English and the language spoken in each country. This also offers a great opportunity to learn a new language over time!

»Dianova’s conviction is that with the right help everyone is capable to, within themselves, find the tools needed for personal development and social integration.«


Drug Rehab Journey

1. Preparatory phase in Sweden – Admission: Information and motivation phase. The client, relatives and/or social services receive information about the implications of arriving at a Dianova center. The situation of the client is evaluated and the social services as well as health care services complete the biopsychosocial evaluation.
- Estimated time: 15 days to 1 month *

2. Addiction Treatment Center abroad in Portugal or Spain: This phase consists of two important parts: to learn how to live without drugs and to develop new patterns of thoughts and behavior. The environment of the addiction treatment center contributes and reinforces the drug free situation and offers the client a possibility to become aware of the negative effects of being a drug addict. In every day life the client gets help in order to develop a new behaviour both through the group and on one’s own. In the environment of the treatment facility an intense work is taking place with the necessary factors of change. The client gets an opportunity to change his or her identity as a drug addict for a productive and appreciated member of the therapeutic community.
- Estimated time: 6 to 9 months *
- Place: Spain and Portugal

3. After care and social integration in Sweden: In straight collaboration with the Swedish social services we plan the individualized after care project. The aim is that the client shall establish an independent and drug free life with the help of the knowledge and skills acquired during the treatment.

* The estimated time frames in the different phases are only approximate. They depend on an INDIVIDUALLY ACCUSTOMED TREATMENT PLAN and the achievement of individual goals, in co-operation between the social services, the client and the treatment team.


Therapeutic communities for drug rehab

Therapeutic communities are used in drug rehab as a form of treatment where the abuse is seen as a problem that affects several parts of a person’s life. The therapeutic communities of Dianova offer environments where every day life in itself is the method through which change and development is stimulated.
They work as a lead motive through the pedagogical and therapeutical process and mean that the client has to relate to questions like: how can I organize my life? Which are my standards and values? How do I look upon myself? How do I function in a social context? How do I treat others and how do I want others to treat me? How do I find the motivation for change?

»Dianova’s conviction is that with the right help everyone is capable to, within themselves, find the tools needed for personal development and social integration.«

The pattern for abuse and dependency has changed over the years and is today a problem integrated in all parts of society. Dianova offers a treatment that is adapted to the needs that people that seek the help from us have.

 Addiction Rehab Scientific Study

Addiction Scientific Study | On Dianova in Sweden's initiative, the Department of Pyschology of Lund University launched an outcome study in a cohort of 72 individuals having requested Dianova's services. The study begun in 2005 and was made possible by the fieldwork of Ms. Johanna Crabo and Maja Gradowska, as part of their final psychology dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Mats Fridell, professor of clinical psychology and Psychotherapist, with financial support from Swedish government agency "Mobilisering mot Narkotika" and Dianova in Sweden.

Read the complete study (pdf document) here: http://www.dianovasverige.org/images/pdf/dianova-sweden%20follow-up.pdf