Addiction recovery life stories

  • Woke up at 11:00 in the morning, no job, no real life. Went down to the street door and lit the first joint. This is how my life has been the past 5-6 years. A completely trapped person who really didn’t care about all problems and who didn’t show any feelings at all. Got arrested every third month for chasing money in a completely wrong way. Hurting my family as often as possibly without thinking about it. Was hiding behind the drugs and everything was gathered inside me. A friend told me about the Dianova program so I took the chance and tried to do the program. When I got there (the center abroad) everything felt new for me since I hadn’t been to treatment before. Group meetings, psychology meetings, waking up at 7 am every morning having a planned day ahead of me. It was a bit tough at the beginning but after a while I started to open up to the psychologist and a bit later also to the whole group. It felt very good since I had never done that before and I could talk about almost anything and got advice and help from the other clients and the staff. It almost feels as if I am a totally new drug free person after 6 months. So now I am back in Sweden and manage my things with planning; old debts, education, driving licence and building up the love that I destroyed with my family and girlfriend. I simply see my way of life from another perspective. And I thank Dianova for that.
  •  I am a guy with a 28 year long abuse behind me. During the Winter of 2011 I got in contact with Dianova. I have tried ’12-step’ before here in Sweden but it didn’t fit me at all. Went to Dianova at Södermalm in Stockholm on an information meeting and got a good impression from the start about the Dianova treatment. I decided to go to their center in Cozzo in Italy. What I found most difficult at first was the language. Not to make myself understood. But as with most things it was sorted out over time and I learnt Italian pretty fast. This journey has given me my life back and I have now been drug free for 10 months. Came back to Sweden after 7 months of treatment in Italy. I started at once, with the help of the staff at Dianova, to make a plan for the future. Everything from debt restructuring, interferon treatment for my Hepatitis C and housing problems. Have now got a belief in myself and the future for the first time in 28 years.
  •  I started using drugs at the age of 13. I've been using up to that date I met Dianova in 2010. They showed me a way to get rid of my drug problem. I went to Canada for 7 months. Lived there, followed the rules and after that period I went back to Stockholm. From June 2011 I stay at Dianova’s house in Stockholm. I never thought I would come this far when I met Dianova one and a half years ago. And I never thought it would last this long. I will always be very grateful and happy of how Dianova has been able to help me. This I will never forget. I´m happy I´ve got my life back. I will start looking for a job and hopefully I will soon have my own place to stay. An apartment for myself. I will earn my own money. Pay my tax and start a new life. Dianova’s program will help almost anyone, it worked for me! This was my first treatment and it will be my last because now I feel good. If I knew I would have contacted Dianova a long time ago. If you need help contact Dianova. You will not regret it.