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Promotion of Innovation and Social Transformation


Dianova Sweden has places available at treatment centers in Portugal and Spain

Dianova Sweden offers a unique treatment program in Portugal and Spain on Therapeutic Community. The preparations – evaluation and motivational interviews – are done in Sweden. To get away from the addiction environment helps the clients to address and tackle their problem in a relaxing, inspiring way. The treatment abroad also offers an encounter with a new culture, which contributes to the personal development.

The treatment program enables a combination of individual and group based services with the purpose to improve the client’s physical, psychological and social condition.


Develop actions and programs that actively contribute to personal autonomy and social progress

The pattern for abuse and addiction has changed over the years, and today is a problem that is integrated in all parts of society. Dianova offers a treatment adapted to the needs that the people seeking help from us have.



With proper help everyone can find within themselves the resources to achieve their personal development and social integration