Therapeutic communities for susbstance abuse recovery

Therapeutic communities are used in sunstance abuse recovery as a form of treatment where the abuse is seen as a problem that affects several parts of a person’s life. The therapeutic communities of Dianova offer environments where every day life in itself is the method through which change and development is stimulated.
They work as a lead motive through the pedagogical and therapeutical process and mean that the client has to relate to questions like: how can I organize my life? Which are my standards and values? How do I look upon myself? How do I function in a social context? How do I treat others and how do I want others to treat me? How do I find the motivation for change?

»Dianova’s conviction is that with the right help everyone is capable to, within themselves, find the tools needed for personal development and social integration.«

The pattern for abuse and dependency has changed over the years and is today a problem integrated in all parts of society. Dianova offers a treatment that is adapted to the needs that people that seek the help from us have.